Newberry College

In the interest of remembering things the way they really were… Photos from my time at Newberry College.


The trombone section of the Newberry Jazz Ensemble. I am the goofy looking guy on the far left. Steve Wentzky is on the front right. The guys standing tall behind us was George Liebenrood, (formerly band director and now principal at at Latta High School). The guy on the far right was Johnny Hunter.


The whole Newberry Jazz Ensemble 1977.


Me out at a park near Newberry. I remember getting that down jacket as a kit and my grandmother, Nanny put it together. Mom told me that it was a very hard project, but Nanny never let on. I miss Nanny.


  1. Bill Hyde said,

    That was George Liebenrood, formerly band director at Latta High School, and now principal at the same. By the way, you are on the far left, not the far right. LOL Hope all is well.


  2. Bill Hyde said,

    Oh…and it’s Jonny Hunter.

  3. jimazing said,

    Thanks Bill. I updated the post. In case anyone else ever looks at this page, Bill is in the photo of the whole jazz ensemble. He’s the good looking fellow in the middle row, second from the right. 😉

  4. John Fulmer said,

    Hey, I am a current student in the Jazz Big Band at Newberry College right now. I love learning about the history and past people from the bands and ensembles at Newberry. If anybody wants to learn anything about music at Newberry College right now, please, email me at Thanks

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