September 23, 2015

Seeking Solitude

Posted in Kat, personal at 3:13 am by jimazing

P1190081Today, September 23, 2015, is the 3 year anniversary of the loss of my youngest daughter. Every year on this day, I have taken the day off from work to honor Kat and to find some solitude. This year, I anticipated spending the week at the Well of Mercy, where I have gone on retreat a couple of times. When I called to make reservations, I learned that they were booked for an event and my plans were simply not going to happen. Rats! Time to create Plan B.

At that time, my cousin was preparing to walk the Camino de Santiago (he’s back now). Pretty quickly I began to think about my own “mini-Camino”; a backpacking excursion. Backpacking is something I have wanted to do at least since I was Kat’s age. With the help of my old outdoor-enthusiast-friend Gerry and my new friend, Paige (Gerry’s daughter who works with Outward Bound) I am doing it! Backpacking in Pisgah National Forest.

The plan is to be out 3 nights on the trail. No goals for mileage or anything like that. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I just want to be safe and find a bit of solitude.

I’ll have the camera, so there will be photos. I hope to write about it, but we’ll see.