February 9, 2009

Animated In Bed

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Creative artistic expressions light me up.  Watching this video, I realize that at another time in my life, I felt a need to try everything.  I would have been thinking of copying the technique to do it myself.  Now, I find that I am still aware of “how it is done”, I am free to sit back and marvel at the creativity of the artist (Oren Lavie).  Tasteful music along with… well you have to see it for yourself (about 4 minutes)…

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hat tip: State of Pate

February 1, 2009

Molly Pics

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Erin–Thanks for asking for a slideshow.  It was way easy to do and works well.  Hope the rest of you can handle all the photos of Molly.  I’m trying to take it slow… no really, I am!

These are photos that Jeanie took while she was down helping Danae with Molly.


… and these were photos from Molly and Danae’s visit to Charlotte last weekend.  Danae was playing in the SC Collegiate Honor Band concert on Saturday and they stayed overnight.  The music was so good!  They did an excellent job and it was real ear-candy for me.  You can hear a recording of the music here.