Family History

These are stories about my family history. Hope you enjoy…

M. C. Lewis – On Leadership

My dad recently gave me the transcript of a sermon that my great-grandfather, M. C. Lewis delivered sometime around 1928 – 29 on the subject of Leadership. I enjoyed reading his thoughts so much that I wanted to post it for my family to have access to it. I wish all of our ancestors had captured their thoughts, ideas and feelings on paper. I would so love to be able to read them.

Preston & Bernice’s Great Adventure

Preston & Bernice Anderson are my paternal grandparents. This is the story, in Bernice’s words of their trip to the “Holy Land” when they unexpectedly found themselves detained because of the October 1973 War (or Yom Kippur War) between Egypt and Israel. You can read more about this war here.

My Family Treetree.gif

This is the public version of my family tree on the rootsweb site. What about the private version, you ask? Not so much that I’m hiding something, but identity theft has become such a huge problem. Because of that, I do not publish any family tree information about living people… so you won’t find me in the family tree šŸ˜¦

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  1. Debbie Deem said,

    Hello, I believe we may have a common relative. I am seeking information on George Morris who married Francis Johnson (may also have a last name of Strosnider, of Mason County WVA. I am related to their daughter Emily. Would love to share info if you are inclined.
    Emily’s my great grandmother.

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