June 10, 2012

Tick Tock

Posted in family, Kat, life at 2:57 pm by jimazing

Life goes on one moment following another. The predictable rhythm of the second hand, the rising & setting sun, the seasons… Tick, Tock, tick, tock… lulls us to sleep. When asked how we are doing, we automatically answer, “Same old thing. New day.” Then something happens that shakes our world to the core.

Last Friday evening, dear friends of ours lost their grandchild, a four year old girl who died in a tragic accident. Shocking! Frightening! A deep sadness has taken over. So many feelings & wonderings floating around in my head. Most of my questions begin with the word, “Why”.

I am awake, alive, feeling again! Reminded once again how wonderfully precious is life.

And how terribly fragile.

Tick, Tock, tick, tock…


  1. UB said,

    Very thoughtful and thought-provoking. My heart is moved for the family. May the God of ALL comfort grant a hearing balm for their wounded hearts.

  2. I hear you, and I have heard this tragic news. But at the risk of sounding insensitive, I must say to you, Jim, and to the grieving parents, life goes on, and thank God for those precious young ones who yet remain in our care, in our prayer.

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