December 17, 2008

Welcome Molly Nicole

Posted in family at 6:43 pm by jimazing

cimg5190.JPG I would like to introduce you to the latest Anderson girl.  World, meet Molly Nicole Ogren… Molly meet the world!  Molly arrived late this morning while I was travelling to Charleston.  I have been here for a couple of hours and she has been in the nursery that whole time… so I am axious to actually meet her myself. Click here to see a slide show of photos that Jeanie took early on.

While driving down, I was thinking about my last post and how I want to be one who influences the world to be a better place for my daughters.  Now I have one more daughter to consider… a GRAND daughter.  As I was pondering the influence I will have on her, I began to think of the influence she will have on me.  When I was a youngster, the order of things was like this:  the adults influenced the kids and the kids were influenced.  It was very much a one way street.  As an adult, I have a much broader perspective.  I see influence between the generations as a two way street. My daughters and sons-in-law influence me greatly… and I am glad.  They have gifts, strengths, talents, experiences and perspectives that I do not have.  My life is much richer as I welcome their influence.

Little Molly is already influencing me.  All the way from Charlotte to Charleston, I felt as if I were being pulled by an unseen force… the grandpa magnet.  Molly, I can hardly wait to hold you.


  1. Well!!!! Praise the Lord! She’s a beauty! You and Jeannie are too. Seems like you are “proud as punch”.

  2. Great Great Aunt Diane (wow!) said,

    Molly, you are a true beauty! I can’t get over the smile on your beautiful little face! Hope your mom is doing well. I know your dad and all of your grandparents and great grandparents are excited (not to mention your mom!

    Best wishes for a long and fruitful life little one.

  3. Carey said,

    When I first saw Danae she wasn’t much older than that. Where oh where did the years fly to?
    Congratulations to Mark and Danae! And to you and Jeanie.

  4. Lisa Hawkins said,

    Jeanie and Jim..what wonderful grandparents you will be. What a marvelous influence you will have on the life of this child.

  5. Terry McLeod said,

    This little one is blessed to begin life surrounded by the love and care of Mark and Danae, Jim and Jeanie, and loving family and friends… and to be so beautiful and healthy too. We’re so happy for you all. I pray every day your lives are enriched by the miracle of Molly.

    With great love,
    Terry, Kelly, Jon and Anna McLeod
    Centerville, Ga

  6. Marti Green said,

    Congrats and many blessings to all, especially Molly, Danae and Mark! What a wonderful Christmas gift! She could not have picked a nicer family!

    first Cousin (twice removed) Marti

  7. Shep & Cathy said,

    Welcome to our world! If you think Molly is already having a positive effect on your world just wait….it only gets better!
    Sincere congradulations to you , Jeannie and the entire Anderson clan.

    God is truly awesome and has blessed the most beautiful folks that I know with his gift. Molly is indeed extremely lucky to have all of you in her life!

  8. ded said,


  9. Great Aunt Ellen said,

    She is beautiful! As a seasoned grandparent, I know exactly how you two are feeling! You don’t think there’s anything you can love more than your own kids…but then those grandbabies come along. God has truly blessed your family with a wonderful gift…

    Betcha “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” ain’t so funny anymore, huh, Jeanie??

    Love you guys…Merry Christmas!

  10. Dan Leonard said,


    Molly Nicole Is a beautiful little girl that will change your life in so many, many ways. There is something so very special about a grandchild that will steal your heart.

    God really has blessed your family.


  11. Stephenie said,

    Congratulations to the Anderson family! Many blessings to your family and your new addition.

    from your Wachovia family 🙂

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