September 21, 2008

Mini Family Reunion – End of Day 4

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sommerville-courthouse.JPGThe last day

This morning I learned what a second degree burn looks like… and feels like.  We began the day with a hearty Hardees breakfast.  We were squeezed into a little booth and I was on the inside.  About the time I sat down, Debbie got up for something and I decided to make a dash for some hot sauce or mustard to spice up my chicken biscuit.  When I got back to the table, I sat down to scoot over and knocked Debbie’s hot coffee over into my lap.  My lap felt like it was on fire, which I was trying desperately to escape. The booth was such a tight squeeze that I couldn’t easily get out and the coffee was burning!  It seemed to keep pouring in  s l o w  motion. After I jumped out of the booth holding my soaked shorts up off of my knee, I kept saying I was ok.  It didn’t hurt.

Aunt Judy looked at my leg and said, “No you aren’t ok, you skin is peeling off!” Dr. Harry calmly led me to the bathroom where I splashed cold water on my leg for a few minutes.  One of the Hardees employees was also a nurse and brought some anticiptic spray.  With Dr. Harry’s ok, I accepted it.  It was great to have a doctor in our company.

It stings to the touch now, but I have successfully avoided touching it much so far.  Tomorrow is a regular “long pants” work day, which should be fun.  Not the best way to end our time together, but it was certainly not the worst way either!

Final Thoughts

I am so thankful to have had this time of reconnection.  To be with mom as she relived so many childhood memories, to see the places I’ve heard her speak about so many times over the years… To hear the stories that Aunt Judy remembered from her trips to Alabama after they moved to Charleston.  Our family stories are full of tragedy and comedy for sure. It will take a lifetime to process all that I learned.

This weekend will be a memory that I will cherish as long as I live.  I am thankful to Mom for inviting me and to Aunt Judy for driving her as well as driving us all around the country.  Thanks also to all the family in AL for putting up with us.  I am especially thankful to Harry for coming up with the idea and initiating everything.

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  1. ded said,

    I loved following this story. Thanks for sharing it.

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