September 19, 2008

Mini Family Reunion – End of Day 2

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Highlights from our day

Here we are… the foursome who dropped in on an unsuspecting Alabama. (Jim, Mlou, Harry, Judy)


In keeping with yesterday’s  post, these are the new players from today:

  • Jan – My aunt – Married my mom’s brother Jack
  • Debbie – Jan’s daughter and my cousin
  • Linda – Jan’s daughter and my cousin
  • Rena & Ray Obarr – Rena is my 1st cousin once removed – She is the daughter of my grandfather “Pop” Lawrence’s sister
  • Patsy Lamme – Rena’s sister and also my 1st cousin once removed
  • Beverly & Lewis Smith – Beverly is my 1st cousin – Daughter of my mom’s sister Louise

We started our day with a visit to Aunt Jan and Debbie.  This is a photo of Jim, Debbie and Harry (standing) and Mom and Aunt Jan in front.


We left Jan’s and headed out to visit family and a cemetary (I guess they are both technically family visits).  First visit was to Ray and Rena’s house.  We asked them if they had any family photos and they said they didn’t.  They said that Rena’s sisters; Patsy and Shelby had taken them.  After Judy pressed a bit harder, they pulled some out.  Admittedly not the best stash, but their were some that we might never have seen.  One was a photo of my parents that I had never seen before.  It was taken when they were either dating or newlyweds.

Mom, Harry, Rena, Debbie, Jim, Ray


 We left Rena’s and stopped off at the Hough Cemetary where some of my mom’s mother’s family is buried.  Their last name was Stidger.  The family name was changed from the original German, Stitcher name.  Presumably, the family occupation at some point was stitching cloth.

After Hough Cemetary, we headed just around the corner to Patsy’s house.  We visited with her and her friendly little pooch.  Patsy claimed to have no photos.  Unlike Rena, she held firm when pressed by Aunt Judy.  She gave all of hers to Shelby.  One day I’m going to have to visit Shelby with my trusty scanner.  Patsy and Judy had some pretty revealing stories about their teenaged exploits.  I wonder what the statute of limitations is for starting a forest fire…

Debbie and Pat


We found my cousin Beverly at home with hubby, Lewis.  I had never met Lewis before.  They had some great stories of their sons, Chris & Michael.  Michael is a missionary in China.  You can sure see the pride they have in him.

Beverly and Lewis


We hoped to play a trick on my cousin, Linda.  Linda works for a check cashing company and the plan went something like this.  Harry and I were going to burst into the business. I was to be an impatient caretaker of Harry who was slow like Rainman.  I was going to open the door and fuss at him saying that we needed to get some money for the fair (which was right next door).  The joke was on us.  Thinking they closed at 5:30, we arrived about 5:25, but it was closed at 5:00.  Rats!

We found a nice local restaurant (Three Guys Grill) to refill with some  much needed nourishment and headed back to the hotel to scan the photos we borrowed from Rena.  While visiting and scanning, Linda came by to say hello. Here’s a photo of all the 1st cousins who were present.

Debbie, Harry, Linda and Jim


It has been a good, long, full day.  I couldn’t be more thankful… or more tired.  Good night!

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  1. Judy said,

    Let me take this little space to tell you that I enjoyed the trip every bit as much as you did. Seeing everyone was wonderful…oh, BTW, that’s Debbie and Patsy up there, not Rena. I remember the days when Pat and I set the woods on fire for sure…and I also remember how we used to play house in her barn. We would crawl to the top, with cows below us and set up housekeeping. That old barn is long gone, but the memories will stay forever. I deeply appreciate your immortalizing our family tree on the web. My children and yours will be enriched by your efforts.

    I love you, Jim…and I’m so proud of you. You have deeper insight than anyone I have ever met. Love, Judy

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