February 25, 2008

The Cruise

Posted in travel at 8:27 pm by jimazing

disneycruise.jpg We are back from our Disney Cruise. Yes, I said, Disney. On the advice of a coworker who did a Disney Cruise for his honeymoon, we decided it was worth a try. In a word, WOW. Disney is second to none in customer service! We did seven days in the Eastern Caribbean with stops at St Maarten and St Thomas islands. From St Thomas, we took an excursion to St John. Every night we had great food, excellent service and lots of rest and relaxation.  Click on any of the photos or here to see a short slide show of photos.

americascup.jpg The first two days at sea, I was still feeling sick. I have been feeling poorly since February 1st and the trip to the ship from Charlotte was more than I was ready for. Having two days at sea was just what I needed to get well. By the time we reached St Maarten, I was ready for the sailboat ride excursion we planned. Little did I know that this leisurely sailboat ride was really an America’s Cup sailboat race in which we were the crew! What a rush. Early on in the race, the boat was tilted so far that water was about to come over the side where Jeanie was sitting. One of the crewmen asked if anyone was uncomfortable with the current position of the boat. Jeanie said, “I am!” He shouted back, “Get over it, there’s nothing I can do about it!”

We met the guy who created Yoda for the Star Wars movie and picked up a neat gift for someone we know and love who has loved Yoda for as long as I can remember.

trunkbay.jpg At St John, we visited Trunk Bay, which must be one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world. There I did my first snorkelling. I enjoyed it with the one exception that it was hard for me to see without my glasses. They had markers under the water explaining what we were looking at. I could see them, but I couldn’t read them. I could see the fishes and the coral which was just beautiful.

After leaving St John / St Thomas, we had one day at sea before we would arrive at Castaway Cay (say “kee”), Disney’s own private island. They had a problem with one of the ship’s engines and the captain announced that, since we would be three hours late, they were going to refund everyone $100 and provide all rentals of floats, bikes and snorkel equipment for free. I thought to myself, “Disney even fails well!”

The final act of great customer service was the luggage handling. Like all cruises, they handle getting your luggage on and off the ship, nothing special there… however, Disney didn’t just take our luggage off the ship for us to pick it up, they sent it to the airport and transferred it to Delta who moved it on to our destination. We didn’t touch our luggage until we got back home! Unfortunately for us, they don’t have any control over the air traffic system. We spent the entire day in the Orlando airport waiting for our flight to take us home. We arrived safely though and we’re struggling to get back into the swing of real life…

I leave you with a recording of the coolest ship’s horn you will ever hear.


  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Jason Rakowski

  2. NB,
    What a great trip. Looks like you had a blessed time. You seem to get the most out of about everything you do. Glad your were able to do this. Made me wish I were there.

  3. erin said,

    I’m glad you guys had fun. A cruise sure sounds like more fun than having the flu for a week!

  4. Lisa Speaks! said,

    WOW! Your trip sounds amazing!
    LOVE the photos!
    And you must share how you did the sound byte of the ship’s horn!! (Inquiring minds need to know) :0)
    What a beautiful way to share your 30 years of together-ness!!
    Can’t wait to see yours and Jeanie’s TANS!
    I love your remark about Disney “FAILING WELL”–I feel an inspiration coming on!-
    I guess if one must fail, “failing well” would be the best way to go!
    Peace GF!!

  5. Jim,
    I found your website from my nephew Paul’s website. I married Jimbo Kassner younger brother. I have only seen pictures of him; however, I have never had the honor of meeting him in person. It looks like I missed out on getting to know a wonderful person.

    Eunie Kassner

  6. Lynn Freeman said,

    oh, you guys are so cute together! i smiled all the way through the pictures. i love your pictures. my honey and i are going on a disney cruise for our honeymoon and i stumbled across all your photographs. i’m jealous about yoda!! thanks for sharing your fantastic cruise!! i loved looking at all the beautiful pictures.

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