December 25, 2007

Christmas Gift

Posted in family at 12:49 am by jimazing

jim-xmas.jpg Growing up, I called my dad’s parents Gran and Andy. I have great memories of going to their house every year in Point Pleasant, West Virginia for Christmas. One of the traditions in Gran’s family was that we greeted one another by saying, “Christmas Gift.” It was like a contest to see who said it first. I didn’t understand why we did it. It was just another one of those things that adults did that didn’t make sense. Unlike so many of those “adult things” that I eventually figured out, I still do not understand what it was about. Hopefully Dad or Uncle Dave can shed some light on the origins by leaving a comment.

xmasangel-right.gif These memories bring me warm feelings of the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas. Sights of the Christmas tree so brightly decorated at Gran and Andy’s house, wonderful smells of great food cooking, the sounds of all of Gran’s siblings and their families gathering for our Christmas Eve reunion. Someone always read Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke, chapter two in the King James version. Later we drifted off to sleep (after making a lot of noise and getting yelled at a few times) with visions of sugar-plums dancing in our heads.

I pray for peace at Christmas for you and your families all over the earth. May that be our Christmas Gift.  I invite you to view our annual collage and family news (my extra little gift to the family).


  1. Dad said,

    Jim: the only thing I can tell you about Christmas Gift is that it was a contest to see who could say it first. The one that said it first was to get presents from every one else there (which never happened). I don’t know who started it but aunt Mid was one of the first ones I ever remember saying it maybe Naomi can shed light on this. Good tiding to all and CHRISTMAS GIFT

  2. NB,
    I see Larry already responded to your question. He and I talked about it Christmas Day and what he put in his comments is more than I know about it but the concept seems good to me…CHRISTMAS GIFT…Gotcha! I would like a 42″ LCD TV please with 1080p resolution. Thanks. LOL!

  3. jimazing said,

    I’ll get that TV for you tomorrow. 🙂

  4. the thom said,

    hey brother, i hope your Christmas was truly blessed. your family has been amazing, and i pray the new year continues to bless you all!

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