September 20, 2007

The San Francisco Trip

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cimg1233-small.JPGJeanie and I just returned from a trip to San Francisco and Berkeley, the new home of our daughter, Erin and her hubby, Justin. We had a great time and a few adventures; some planned and some not so planned. I am learning that the unplanned adventures are where growth occurs… or not. These are the places where it is possible to get un-stuck. What follows is a highly summarized photo tour of our trip. From over 500 photos down to 16, I would say I did pretty good. Click here for a slide show of photos.

Click here for a quick photo tour…


Having a convertible was fun in the great San Francisco weather.


Friday night, we met Justin and Erin for a night tour of Alcatraz.


This is a great place to visit, but I am sure glad I don’t live there. (Did you know that some of the guard’s families lived with them on the island? Can you imagine growing up on Alcatraz and inviting your friends over for a pajama party? It’s true!)

On the night tour, they have special presentations and make it a lot of fun. Right before we left, they demonstrated the locking of the cell doors… Now I know why it is called The Slammer! I will tell the story of our adventure after Alcatraz in another Blog entry.cimg1076-small.JPG cimg1121-small.JPGA visit to Muir Woods and the redwood trees. The photos don’t come anywhere close to capturing the majesty of this place.

cimg1126-small.JPG cimg1108-small.JPG

Muir Woods inspired some of us to become little girls again…


While others waited until we visited Muir Beach to become a little boy. What’s a visit to the beach without making a drip castle?


The couple who climbs the rock together, stays together.


Justin, Erin, Jeanie and me at the Marin Headlands. Thinking this was a great view, we stopped for a photo then went on to the top where we learned what a great view really looked like…


This is at the top of the Marin Headlands. What a spectacular view!

cimg1302-small.JPG cimg1313-small.JPG

A walking tour around San Francisco took us through Chinatown and all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. Pier 39 is where the sea lions have taken up residence. They are a hoot… barking and shoving one another…


Can’t visit San Francisco without a ride on the cable car! Besides, who wants to walk all the way back to the BART? I just cannot understand why Jeanie kept getting irritated with me for singing the Rice-a-Roni jingle.

cimg1373-small.JPG cimg1365-small.JPG

The last tour day, we slowed down considerably and toured the Scharffen Berger Chocolate factory. From the time we entered, we were enveloped in the smell of chocolate. Yum Yum! I would hate to work there because I would get so used to the smell that I wouldn’t notice it any more.

All in all, a great trip. I am up later than I should be, but it’s not very late on the west coast… I think I left my body clock in San Francisco. 🙂  If you want to see more photos in a short slide show, click here.


  1. NB
    Looks like you had a blessed trip. The pictures are really great. I like the convertible, the forest, and, of course, Alcatraz. I am anxious to hear your blog on the ‘slamming of the doors’. Oh yeah. The Sea Lions were really something. Wonder what they were saying to one another? I’m sure they understood but I was lost. :>)

  2. jimazing said,

    Thanks UB, We did have a great time. By the way, readers, I would like to make an introduction. “UB” is my Uncle who is also my brother (in Christ–none of this I’m my own grandpa stuff:) ) If he is the UB (uncle/brother), then that makes me the NB (nephew/brother). Hence the UB and NB reference.
    A couple of months ago I helped him get started with his own blog. I encourage you to check it out… UB has some great things to say about his journey with the Lord. You can read his blog here:

  3. Judy said,

    Nice photos, Jim…I enjoyed watching them. I also “felt” for you when I read of your adventure. Don’t you just LOVE SF?? What a beautiful place. Glad you are home safe and sound. Love, Judy

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