July 8, 2007

What would you do?

Posted in community at 2:45 pm by jimazing

drive-in.jpgI want ideas. I recently wrote a post that I began by saying that I just wanted to be heard and I felt heard. Thanks. This time I want ideas. If you had a small group of friends who wanted a private place to hang out for an overnight trip, where would you go? It must be a place that can handle a last minute booking. A small group of guys that I do life with want to get together this coming weekend and the place we wanted is booked. So we are scrambling to find another venue. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  1. ded said,

    High Pastures outside of Burnsville is excellent for small group retreats. 700 acres are available for hikes. They have a house that sleeps up to 15(?) I think that has its own kitchen. They have dorm like spaces and motel room spaces. They will provide meals or not. Meeting areas are available; they put out firewood at several different open fire pits (with matches available). There is a prayer tower(two stories) and a baptismal pool that is creek fed. It is one and a quarter hours south of Boone, but probably still about two hours from Charlotte. They may have an opening.

  2. Paul said,

    I would probably look for an out-of-the way campsite in the mountains. Even if formal sites are full, a lot of public land is open for hike-in type camping, you just have to be careful about the fire restrictions that might be in place. Anyway, that’s what I would do! 🙂

  3. Danae said,

    Did you ever think about putting a chalk drawing onto the pavement for wherever you guys want to go? And then jumping into it? No need to make it complicated. It’s really “quite simple!” And no need for reservations. You can go anywhere you want! (dodging the keyboard being thrown at me now)
    I like Paul’s idea. You guys may even end up with an incredible spot that most people don’t even know about. And you’d probably have more quiet and peace than being down near all of the other campsites.

  4. Dan Hunt said,

    1. Call Norm – His Myrtle Beach HOuse
    2. Pick a good hotel with good pool in any town nearby. Check Boone or Blowing Rock.

  5. jimazing said,

    Thanks all for the suggestions. We almost went with the sidewalk painting. It was a tough call. 🙂 However, we ended up with a reservation for a cabin at High Pastures. I was thinking to myself how awesome it is to have friends and family who will partner with me to brainstorm possibilities.

    If you think about us this weekend, please pray that we will experience spiritual breakthroughs as we explore our visions for life together.

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