April 1, 2007

The Bridge Run 2007

Posted in personal at 9:58 am by jimazing

Would you believe it? I did it … I made my goal to run the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K in under an hour! It feels great to accomplish a goal that I have worked so hard to achieve. It was a real stretch for me but

April Fools!

I did not make my goal. My time was 1:05:22. I was a tad disappointed, but not too much. I ran my best and I feel good about that. There is no way I could have run any faster. I gave it everything I had.

My daughter Melody ran the race “with” me. By that, I mean we started together. Her time was 54 minutes. Way to go, Mel!

Some highlights were the group of people (men and women) in red dresses, there was a group dressed as bowling pins and another in banana suits. The most touching were the marines. Scattered throughout were marines running with 55 lb backpacks. The backpacks were in honor of their comrades who cannot run. Twice I saw groups of marines taking turns pushing a wheelchair-bound marine. That is the kind of friend I want to be. Every time I passed one of the marines, I told them, “Thank you”.

The best highlight for me was when I was about a half a mile from the glorious finish line, I saw my sweetie and her sister there to cheer me on. That’s the first race I have ever had someone there watching for me. So cool.

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