March 27, 2007

Father of the Bride (updated)

Posted in family at 8:50 am by jimazing

pict0192c.JPGSomehow I held it together (on the outside) on Sunday as I walked my lovely daughter down the aisle. What a beautiful bride!

I don’t know if anyone can understand what I was feeling at the moment this picture was taken. A few people might argue with me, but I believe I was the proudest person in the room.

My vision for the events of the weekend leading up to and including the wedding and reception were for connection, encouragement, celebration, fun. I got my wish. We had a blast at the rehearsal and dinner. Saturday, we had a huge crowd at our house as friends and family from out of town came over for a cookout. It was a special treat to have each parent get up and say a few words, then to have the sisters and some friends get up, unprompted to share their memories and wishes for a happy future.
At the cookout, Jack (Justin’s dad) said that Justin and Erin’s marriage just “feels right”. I concur. It does feel right.

I pray for many years of happiness, love, mutual affirmation and success for the newlyweds. I pray that they will always be free to show their love for one another and that they will have respect and honor for one another even when it doesn’t “feel right.” This weekend, I saw what a great impact they have been with their friends and family. I pray that they continue to have that kind of impact in their world. The world needs people with a passion like they have. I believe it will be a better place because they are following their dreams.

Bless you, Erin and Justin. I’m glad I get to be your dad (one of them anyway :))

P. S. (Can you do a P. S. on a blog?)… Lots of friends and family took digital photos. As I get them I will post them. Come back soon for a slide show of the best shots.

P. P. S.  Click to see the slide show.

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