December 15, 2006


Posted in writing at 3:36 pm by jimazing

My posts are boring!

Why do you keep reading my blog? You say it is good. you say you like it, but you don’t… not really. If it were a great movie, you would have told your friends, “You have got to go see this!” If it were a funny video on YouTube, you would emailed it out or hosted it on your blog… if my blog entry had really been all that, you would have told your friends about it… at least once. Tell me what you really think. That’s what I need to hear.

Did you just feel something when you read that? I hope so. People who don’t feel are dead. What did you feel? Anger? Hurt? Embarrassment? Wondering what’s up with Jim?
My blogs have been boring. They are usually about safe ideas. Don’t get me wrong, they have been from my heart, but rarely do I push the the limits. Rarely to I make you (and me) feel.

Why do we love movies? Action, suspense, conflict, resolution. Gotta have conflict. That’s what spices the movie up. When I write, I find myself asking a question that I am going to try to stop asking. “What will ____ think?” That fill in the blank person could be anyone I am trying to impress. The problem is that when I ask that question, I am not being the real me. When I don’t write what is on my mind, I am not expressing my gifts (I Pet 4:10). I have become “safe” and boring.I don’t want to be boring. I want to make you feel in my writing. I want you to remember what I wrote. Life is exciting. Following Jesus is exciting. I want to write about those in a way that stimulates you and me.

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  1. Paul said,

    Hey, now, I gave you a link right on the sidebar of my site!

    I do really like reading your blog posts. At least since I’ve started following them they’ve been thoughtful and insightful.

    P.S. I just noticed that you linked me; Thanks!

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