November 6, 2006

Imagine how excited…

Posted in family at 8:38 pm by jimazing

Close your eyes (after you read this…) and imagine…

Imagine how excited you would be if you had a daughter interviewing for Medical School… another daughter interviewing at MIT and yet another daughter well on her way to a Music Therapy degree…

Did your heart rate just go up?
Did you felt a little flutter in your belly?
Did your shirt buttons stretch almost to the breaking point from puffing out your chest?

Then you know just how I feel!

Jeanie and I just returned from Charleston where we saw Mark and Danae worshiping on stage at their church (Summit Church at CSU). Then we saw Danae performing with the CSU Wind Ensemble for a Veterans Day concert. She had three piccolo solos including the famous Stars and Stripes piccolo part. She is working so hard and having so much fun.
As I write this, Melody is in St. Louis, MO awaiting an interview at St. Louis University School of Medicine. This will be her second interview. One step at a time, she is following her dream!

I just got an email from Erin who said she has an interview with MIT! They will be flying her up next week to check the place out. She is so excited. I think the funnest thing is watching her discover what wonderful gifts she has. She has been heads down, doing the right thing for so long that she doesn’t see how far she has come. Now she is reaping some of the rewards of her labor.

I am so very blessed and so very, very proud.

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  1. MLou said,

    I know how you feel. I REALLY do. Their Grandma is also very blessed and very proud.

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