Swinging Trees

Jun 21, 2014 | | Say something

  The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now. ~Chinese Proverb When we moved into our house 15 years ago, the backyard was a steep, grassy hill. I didn’t have to mow it too many times before deciding a wooded backyard would be a lot more […more]

Kat’s Ashes

Dec 25, 2012 | | 6 comments

So many challenges and questions to be answered when a loved one dies. None have been so heart wrenching for us as deciding what to do with Kat’s ashes and then following through with it. Kat’s wishes were to have her remains cremated, but she did not have any preference for what should be done […more]

Loving Kat, Changing Me

Dec 2, 2012 | | 18 comments

This is a story about my daughter Kat and just one area where she had a profound impact in my life. Actually although Kat is at the center of this story, the story is about me. Many who did not know Kat were made aware of her existence because of her tremendous fight with cancer. […more]

More so

Nov 23, 2012 | | 3 comments

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Getting through the day was not as hard for me as I feared, (speaking only for myself). Maybe it was because I steeled myself for the “big day”… the first holiday… By “steeling myself”, I do not mean that I turned off my emotions. I mean that I prepared myself to accept […more]


Nov 13, 2012 | | 2 comments

If I don’t write it down I’ll forget it… Silly as this is… Kat showed up in my dreams last night. She was about 5 or 6 years old. I was sitting beside her bed. She was on the bed on her knees with her head hanging down over the side. She asked me to […more]

Voting for Kat

Nov 7, 2012 | | Say something

I value quiet. I value thoughtful, heartfelt words whether I agree with them or not. I abhor the noise of commercials on TV or radio.  When I watch network TV, which is rare, I skip the commercials. I rarely listen to commercial radio. So I haven’t seen any political ads. None! BUT… I do read […more]

The Pause Thing

Oct 16, 2012 | | 4 comments

This grieving process is so strange, so foreign to me. Much of the time, I just feel hollow… empty… Jeanie said it felt like someone drilled a hole in her and sucked out all the life energy. I feel that too. It is as if my blood is water.  Do not get me wrong. It […more]

Finding Tag

Oct 7, 2012 | | 6 comments

We didn’t make a grand public announcement, but sometime the week after Kat died (9/23), her kitty Tag went missing. We were not happy about it, but having never owned a cat, we relied on the word of the “cat people” in our lives. We trusted them that he had found a good hiding place […more]

The Room Built With Love

Sep 20, 2012 | | 6 comments

In order to setup this story, I offer this extremely abbreviated version of a very long and arduous journey: Our youngest daughter, Kat, has been fighting cancer for the last year and a half. If you want to know more about that journey, click here. Last week, in the hospital, Kat’s legs and feet began […more]


Sep 10, 2012 | | 2 comments

Cancer. Becoming harder each day to push back the inevitable pressures of life; the pressures common to us all. This awful disease unsatisfied with being compartmentalized. Breaking all barriers, demanding its own and everything else. A cancer of attention, a cancer of emotion taking every spare breath, every free moment. Cancer itself annoyed at the […more]