Carnegie Mellon Wants Erin (Updated)

newsflash.gif… Update…

Johns Hopkins is now offering her a full ride too! Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley… Everyone wants Erin!

Before this week, I didn’t know much about Carnegie Mellon University. I knew that they are in Pittsburgh, PA. I knew that they are a world class engineering school specializing in robotics. Now I know something else about them… they know talent when they see it.erinbot.jpgThey offered Erin a full scholarship plus a stipend. I am so thrilled and proud. Erin is so very smart and talented and has worked so hard for so many years. We always told her that it would pay off one day and it is so very cool to be a part of seeing that.

Erin, I am so glad I get to be your dad!

2 thoughts on “Carnegie Mellon Wants Erin (Updated)”

  1. That’s great! I suspect that she could get that from any engineering school that she would choose. She has everything going for her: Perfect grades, lots of practical experience, American, and female. I’m not sure there’s much more that one could hope for in a prospective engineering grad student!

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