Fifty one Years Ago

Apr 18, 2009 | | 4 comments

Fifty one years ago today a beautiful, young and very pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy.  She and her husband (the boy’s father) loved the boy and cared for him like good parents do.  They gave him food and shelter and love.  They made sure that he was brought up in a Christian […more]

Danny’s Ride

Apr 13, 2009 | | 1 comment

Most of my friends know I am a musician.  A lot of people have influenced me (musically) through the years.  None more than a band director from my high-school years, Danny Leonard.  Danny had (and still has) a music school in Charleston, SC where I grew up.  My junior year of high-school, I joined the […more]

He is risen

Apr 12, 2009 | | 1 comment

Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed! May the risen Christ change us in a very real way beginning today. May we truly begin to love people they way he loves us.


Apr 6, 2009 | | 4 comments

Twenty six years ago today, a young lady named Melody joined our family. She was the second of what would eventually be our four daughters.  When she and her sisters were little girls, I created a folder for each of them in the filing cabinet.  Sometimes, like tonight, I pull them out in order to […more]

Animated In Bed

Feb 9, 2009 | | 1 comment

Creative artistic expressions light me up.  Watching this video, I realize that at another time in my life, I felt a need to try everything.  I would have been thinking of copying the technique to do it myself.  Now, I find that I am still aware of “how it is done”, I am free to […more]

Molly Pics

Feb 1, 2009 | | 1 comment

Erin–Thanks for asking for a slideshow.  It was way easy to do and works well.  Hope the rest of you can handle all the photos of Molly.  I’m trying to take it slow… no really, I am! These are photos that Jeanie took while she was down helping Danae with Molly. … and these were […more]


Jan 16, 2009 | | 1 comment

TED Talks is one of the coolest sites I have ever stumbled upon. Lots of wonderful, intelligent talks about a world of different subjects. I watched one this week by Erin McKean this week that is really fun and has inspired me (shared below). She’s a lexicographer (compiles dictionaries). She has a lot of fun […more]

We see, They see–Part 2

Jan 6, 2009 | | 5 comments

Whoops! I am not sure how it happened, but I published my last post with comments turned off.  I have changed that and they are back on now. A Quick Case Study This mistake on my part might make an interesting case study of my last post.  My guess is that some of you saw […more]

We see, They see

Jan 5, 2009 | | 1 comment

A few weeks ago, I heard the following thought and it rang true to me. I wrote it down in order to ponder it.  The more I think about it, the more important it seems to me. We judge ourselves by our intentions. Others judge us by our behaviors. We cannot see our own behaviors. […more]

Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 2009 | | Say something

Happy New Year A good friend said to me yesterday, “I hope at the end of 2009, you will say that this was one of the best years of your life.’” What a terrific thought! It reminds me that, although I cannot control everything that happens to me, I potentially have more input into how […more]