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Typical trumpet bell repair.

French Horn rotary valve cleaning

Even though they are shiny, it is because they are clean. They are never polished because that would cause leaks and ruin the valves.

The Smashed Mellophone Bell

This mellophone bell is the one I described in this blog entry .

This following closeup shot shows how the metal is bent back on itself (click the picture to enlarge). When I straightened it out, the metal cracked in several places causing open holes. I brazed the holes closed, dedented, reshaped and refinished.

The finished work

Baritone Horn Overhaul



A lamp I made.

Having fun with the lamp I made!

A saxophone player had a sign fell on his horn, while he was on the job, which crushed the neck. He asked if I could rush it through as an emergency because he had to have something to play that night. Happy to get pictures for my portfolio I agreed. You can see by his expression how pleased he was.

Three Sousaphones

A pile of parts.

A set of freshly refinished sousaphone innards.

Three freshly done sousaphones.

Trombone Overhaul



Trumpet Overhaul




Assembly bench


Dent Balls for getting inside the tubing

The dent machine and other dent tools

Metal working lathe

Soldering bench

Repair Shop to go

7 thoughts on “Anderson’s Music”

  1. You know I don’t really. I enjoy being around other repair techs. I met a sax repairman in Berkeley this summer and it was fun to connect. When I did it, it was my identity and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. In retrospect, it was a job I loved. I loved connecting with the music scene and working with my hands… but I don’t have a desire to do it again. With my tremor, I don’t think I could do the really delicate piccolo work anymore.

    1. I have been trying to make a trumpet lamp and can not figure out how to get the cord through the leadpipe. Someone suggested blowing string through and then tying the cord to the string but it just won’t pull through the tubing. I took the valves out and tried to guide it through the bottom tubes and that didn’t work either. What’s the secret??!! I want to run the cord all the way through.

      1. Hi Jeff. That was so many years ago, I can’t remember. I am quite sure I did it one piece at a time. In other words, threaded thru the bell, then thru the valve casings (without the valves) and then out the bottom slide tube, with the slide off. Then thru the main tuning slide then thru the leadpipe. Then I would have carefully pulled the cord tighter as I inserted the tuning slide. Hope that helps.


  2. So do you still repair brass instruments??? I have an F. E. Old’s Opera horn in need of some TLC. The bell has a twist/crinkle and a spit valve is AWOL. and a good going over to make sure its playable. If the horn wasn’t rare I wouldn’t bother but the Opera model is NOT a common one. so Value is near $1000…. well worth dropping $4-500 to get it back in some kind of shape

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