The Truth About Islam

Sep 15, 2010 | | 6 comments

The heightened interest in the “truth of Islam” should not be a surprise with anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by Islamic Fundamentalists, the threats of Qur’an burning and of course the ongoing battle about whether or not a Mosque should be allowed near the ground zero site.  That it is part of the conversation does […more]

Part of the Conversation

Sep 6, 2010 | | 5 comments

There’s a conversation going on that is beginning to get interesting.  It is always stirring, sometimes uplifting, frequently frustrating, commonly heated. The conversation is about religion, faith, belief, destiny, doctrine and tolerance to name a few topics.  Sometimes it gets some politics mixed in too.  I have strong thoughts and feelings about the topic and […more]

Hurt People Hurt People

Jun 29, 2010 | | 1 comment

Hurt people hurt people.  People hurt others because they themselves are hurt.  The people who they hurt, hurt others.  It is an endless cycle… unless it is not.  What can stop the cycle? People like you and I point fingers at one another saying, “You hurt me!”  The truth is, I did hurt you, whether […more]

Sorting Life

Aug 3, 2008 | | 4 comments

On Peace The men’s group where I am a member was discussing Romans chapter 8 this morning.  We were talking about what it means to have God’s peace.  Several in our group are going through tough times; some family issues and others business problems.  They were asking why they aren’t experiencing God’s peace.  It is […more]

Heart’s Desires

Apr 26, 2008 | | 2 comments

I wonder if it is a coincidence that the word “heart” begins with “hear”. I learn by taking things apart. When I was a little boy, I took my toys apart to see how they worked. As an “old guy”, I still take things apart. Now instead of making my toys into a mess, I […more]

My Spiritual Journey – Part 3

Feb 14, 2008 | | 2 comments

This is literally the first day I have felt good in February. Thanks to those who prayed for me. It feels kinda selfish to ask for prayer from God for a cold when there are so many big problems out there; war, famine, big ugly dreadful diseases, broken relationships… In any case, I’m grateful to […more]

My Spiritual Journey – Part 2

Feb 10, 2008 | | Say something

Gran-Great The next logical part of my journey is my relationship to those who came before me. I was blessed to know all of my grandparents and three of my great granparents. I was pretty young when my great-grandparents died. My dad’s mother’s father (M. C. Lewis) died before I was born. I barely remember […more]

My Spiritual Journey – Part 1

Feb 4, 2008 | | 4 comments

Beginning Everything is spiritual… so how can one write about their spiritual journey without writing about everything? My purpose in this series is to explore what I believe about God and why I believe it to be true. It will be a very personal journey. My purpose is not to say that I am right […more]

Reflecting and Thinking Ahead

Dec 31, 2007 | | 5 comments

Looking at my post on January 1, 2007 , I expressed hope that during 2007 I would be come more of myself and more Christlike at the same time. I believe I have experienced some of that transformation. Now that I understand it better, I want to continue to live it on purpose. Jesus said […more]

The First Step

Sep 7, 2007 | | 12 comments

When I started posting about my “crisis of faith”, I realized that I was taking some people into deep water. Some of my readers are experiencing similarities in their journey of faith. In fact they have let me to other bloggers who are asking similar questions… While I want to avoid simply searching out reading […more]