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First Time For Everything

Nov 10, 2016 | | 7 comments

There’s a first time for everything, but someone in their late fifties has most of his “first times” behind him so the new ones are extra important. Today was a first time for me. The news of our election brought with it emotions that I have never experienced. I’ve felt the elation of winning and […more]

Voting for Kat

Nov 7, 2012 | | Say something

I value quiet. I value thoughtful, heartfelt words whether I agree with them or not. I abhor the noise of commercials on TV or radio.  When I watch network TV, which is rare, I skip the commercials. I rarely listen to commercial radio. So I haven’t seen any political ads. None! BUT… I do read […more]

Koney2012 – My Reaction

Mar 7, 2012 | | 4 comments

All of a sudden, there is this compelling video popping up like crazy on FB. Tonight rather than going to bed like I said I was, I watched the 30 minute video and was blown away. I was ready to sign on the dotted line. I typed my email address and zip code on the […more]

A Phone Call from the President

Nov 7, 2009 | | Say something

Getting ready to go for my morning run this morning, I picked up the newspaper this morning.  It was yesterday’s paper that I hadn’t read yet.  I saw the following headline and read just a couple of sentences (quoted here), then I left for my run.  I wasn’t thinking about the election or the state […more]

RIP Billy Mays

Jun 28, 2009 | | Say something

Can you believe all the recent celebrity deaths? Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and I just got an email from CNN Breaking News stating that pitchman, Billy Mays died today.  Since I’m not much of a TV person and I despise commercials, I honestly have never heard of the guy before today.  I looked […more]

Thank You, Veterans

Nov 11, 2008 | | 1 comment

Veterans present and past who give their best to people like me… Thank you. [youtube=]

Political Angst

Sep 7, 2008 | | 4 comments

I am truly dismayed by the whole political process.  So many people I love are doggedly on one side of the political spectrum or the other.  I am not.  I want to hear the real issues and solutions, but they are buried so deeply that I cannot hear them or trust them and it cuts […more]

Hope in a Broken World

Apr 20, 2007 | | 1 comment

I haven’t written about the VA Tech shooting this week. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been heavy on my heart and mind. The thought that comes to my mind over and over is that this world we live in is broken. It isn’t supposed to be this way. People aren’t supposed to treat one […more]

Can a Muslim become a Christian?

Feb 20, 2007 | | 2 comments

I experienced a stark reminder yesterday that all Christ followers do not believe what I believe. I was connecting with someone who I met at church a couple of years ago, but I had not seen in a while. He and I chatted about church. He’s in the process of looking for another church to […more]

The Secret

Feb 13, 2007 | | 1 comment

I was unfamiliar with The Secret until a friend asked about it tonight. I just did a quick search and my first inclination is to say “SCAM” Here’s what I read on Wikipedia (emphasis mine): …As put forth in the film, the “Law of Attraction” principle posits that our feelings and thoughts affect real events […more]