With friends like this

Jul 21, 2006 | | Say something

A quote from Jeff VanVonderen’s Good News for the Chemically Dependent… … human beings have three basic needs. First, we need to be convinced that we are loved and accepted, without strings. In order to get love and acceptance, we do not have to act or refrain from acting a certain way, perform, excel, be […more]

High School Reunion

Jun 28, 2006 | | 1 comment

Last weekend was my 30th High School Reunion and I don’t get it. None of my classmates showed up. Instead, they all sent their parents in their place! Seriously it was a great time. It seemed to me that everyone was more relaxed than at previous reunions. Maybe we have finally gotten to a place […more]

Accountability (on purpose)

May 3, 2006 | | 19 comments

Kids are totally accountable to their parents or guardian for everything they do. When they are really young, they do not get to decide anything for themselves. As they grow older, good parents allow them to make some decisions on their own or with limited input from the parents. These parents know that the goal […more]

Running the Race Set Before Us

Apr 1, 2006 | | 2 comments

I invited my buddy, John to run with me in the Cooper River Bridge Run (10K), which was today. I ran it last year for the first time… not just the first time for the Bridge Run, but the first time for any race at all! It is hard to teach 48 year old muscles […more]

Iron sharpens Iron

Jan 2, 2006 | | 1 comment

Praise God for friends! I cannot do this journey through life alone. I need companions. I need others who are on the journey with me. I used to think that kind of talk was a copout. Now I see the wisdom in it. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another Proverbs 27:17 That […more]