Twenty six years ago today, a young lady named Melody joined our family. She was the second of what would eventually be our four daughters.  When she and her sisters were little girls, I created a folder for each of them in the filing cabinet.  Sometimes, like tonight, I pull them out in order to remember.  Melody’s is the thickest folder because of the way she has always lived out loud.  She frequently wrote what she was feeling on notes and gave them to us.  Most of the ones to Jeanie or me were “I love you” notes… sometimes they expressed her displeasure at the way we were running things.  Regardless, I will treasure these forever.

The more I get to know her, the more I see a beautiful person with unique and incredible gifts and talents.  She has persevered through undergrad and is now working her way through Medical school.  Yes, medical school!  Melody is going to be a doctor!  And I am sure she will be a great doctor!  Her artistic creativity, her ability to communicate and to understand difficult scientific topics combined with her tenacity, value for authentic integrity and compassion will take her far.

I love you, Melody.  I am so glad I get to be your dad.  Happy Birthday!


4 thoughts on “Melody”

  1. Jim,
    Melody is blessed to have a Dad like you. And Melody is accomplishing something incredible. Happy Birthday to Melody!

  2. I think you both are blessed. I think for her to have a ‘Dad’ who cares enough to keep a folder of ‘precious moments’ speaks volumes about your effort to be a good example of a father. Surely Melody and the other girls have a better picture of our Heavenly Father bacause of the kind of ‘Dad’ you are.

  3. I love all of your daughters very much. But there is a special little corner there for Melody. I remember the day she was born and how happy we all were!!! Love and Kisses…Judy

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