1978 to 2008 makes 30 Years!

jim-and-jeanie.jpgI wish so much that I could travel in time back to 1978 and have a talk with a certain young man. There is so much I would tell him about life. I would warn him about some really lousy decisions that he was going to make and encourage him that some of them would actually be good decisions. I would tell him that his thoughts and dreams are important. Mostly I would assure him that his decision to ask that the pretty young lady to be his bride was a super good decision. Yes, today is the 30th anniversary of Jeanie’s and my marriage.

I still remember the surreal feeling of standing at the front of the church while she walked down the aisle. I was thinking to myself, “So this is what it feels like to get married.” That says a lot about me. Most guys, when they are making one of the biggest choices in their life, would be getting cold feet and second guessing themselves. “Is she the one? Did I make the right decision?” Not me. I was thinking about the meaning of life… what this experience feels like. I have been like that ever since… (how she could stand to live with me these last 30 years is a mystery to me)… but I’m sure thankful that she has.

June 3rd 1978 started a new chapter in the book of our lives. It has not always been blue skies and rainbows. We have had our share of tragedies and sorrows, but somehow we seemed to get more than our share of joys and celebrations. Now, 30 years later, we have four beautiful and successful daughters, two handsome sons-in-law and our first grandchild on the way? I feel overwhelmed with grattitude to God for giving me such a wonderful life. George Bailey has nothing on me.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!


7 thoughts on “1978 to 2008 makes 30 Years!”

  1. NB,
    What a beautiful tribute to Jeannie and you and what a marvelous memory. How could it be 30 years? I think that young kid that stood at the end of the aisle that day would be very proud to know the man who wrote this article today. I love you.

  2. As the song suggests, you two are inspiration to me and my marriage! I’m so thankful for the home you created for us growing up and the support you continue to provide for us now that we are learning about the worlds as adults, too! We love you and are also looking forward to 30 more to celebrate!

    Nae, Mark and “Spud”

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