Empty Nest

emptynest.gifI am full of hope and expectation for the empty nest thing to be good. It is the right time of life for our daughters to be on their own. It is wonderful how they are all so independent and full of life and expectation. I am very proud of each of them. But right now, the silence is deafening!

Twenty six years ago, our house became noisy and our lives began to be centered around someone else. Startinig today, it is just the two of us again. Like so many things in life, I can see the good, in the long run, but right now, it hurts.

2 thoughts on “Empty Nest”

  1. Jim,

    Your children fly so well and that is because they have had great parents who have tried to teach them as best as they knew how. You guys are the best. I am with ya in the hurt.


  2. I definitely feel your pain.
    My empty nest started in 2003 and I dreaded it for years and years. Now that I’m fully into it, I can tell you that it ain’t so bad!!
    John and I rekindled a love that was always there but kinda took a back seat to the kids. LIfe is good.

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