Hope in a Broken World

I haven’t written about the VA Tech shooting this week. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been heavy on my heart and mind. The thought that comes to my mind over and over is that this world we live in is broken. It isn’t supposed to be this way. People aren’t supposed to treat one another badly. We aren’t supposed to make fun of one another. We are sure as hell not supposed to kill one another. We are supposed to honor and love one another. But we do… The world is broken.

Thank God for little reminders that life goes on. Click below to read more and see the pictures of the little gift God has left us…

In the artificial wreath on our front door is a very real nest.


A Carolina wren has decided that her babies deserve to be born at the Anderson’s home.


Is this totally cool or what?


Somehow, the thought that life goes on encourages me. Mama wren is only concerned for her nest and her babies. She doesn’t give any thought to world events. Sounds nice to me.

One thought on “Hope in a Broken World”

  1. I must agree with you. In my job I see so many examples every day of the ugly; even when I’m not out on the street. Thank you for showing me something to remind me the world can still be beautiful in the midst of the ugly. I think we all need those reminders.

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