Monthly Archives: October 2006

We’re ok and thankful for fire fighters

Oct 16, 2006 | | 3 comments

At the risk of sounding like Lucy when she returned from Narnia, we are ok. You can stop worrying. We had our first fire of the season in the fireplace tonight. Unfortunately, the fire got up inside the chimney and flames and sparks were coming out of the chimney. It made me very nervous so […more]

Confessions of a Wonderer

Oct 15, 2006 | | 1 comment

Confessions I was just thinking about going to lunch with my sweetie. We have been going out for Sunday lunch for so many years that it just feels like it would be sacreligeous to do otherwise. I was thinking of going to K&W cafeteria and imagining the crowd we would run into on a Sunday […more]

Sometimes I like being the dad

Oct 4, 2006 | | 1 comment

Yesterday was a treat for me. I got to do one of those really cool, fun dad things. My daughter, Melody had an interview for entry into the UNC Medical School! On the way down she practiced and I encouraged. On the way back, we just enjoyed one another’s company. Towards the end of the […more]