21 years ago

Last weekend, while Danae was visiting, we listened to an audio tape of her and Melody from 21 years ago. Imagine our surprise when we heard the clip below. Enjoy![youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r27f6B17jEw]

Life really is about the little things, isn’t it? Do something you’ll be glad to find in 21 years.

4 thoughts on “21 years ago”

  1. I LOVED listening to the little girls. It was absolutely wonderful to hear their little voices again. I love hearing their grown up voices too, but this is extra special. Who would have ever thought 24 years ago that you could share this so easily – or at least it was easy for me to hear it. It brings back many precious memories. Thanks!!!

  2. It is amazing what God has done in those 24 years. He is our refuge and strength and present help in time of trouble. He also gives us joy and peace. But ya’ know, friends are what He uses in the midst of all to minister to His people.

    Jim, thanks for posting a message on Paul’s website (pdb.homelinux.net) — seeing a bit of history flash before my eyes and ears was a blessing in disguise.

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